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Why Not Buy Art is in its fledgling phases and showcasing the artwork of Abigail Gallup. Gallup is an artist and graphic designer based Lake Tahoe, California. Preferring to work with water-based mediums she primarily paints in acrylic and enjoys incorporating collage and other mediums as the mood calls. Her works vary in theme as she creates different pieces in a series. Her series can be dramatically different from one another though her style of using bright bold color, simple composition and dramatic lines are consistent throughout her work. Check back to see more of her work, and eventually, work buy other artists.

Still Life Series 

Original acrylic paintings


This series is an opportunity to get back to the basics of painting: line, color and form. The challenge is to add excitement by creating dynamic compositions. These paintings do not tell a complicated story. The subject is simply the beauty that can exist within a hyper-focused moment of something considered inconsequential.

Politics vs. Nature Series

Original mixed media artwork 

This series evolved from a desire to have a voice in the current political climate. It’s about how politics – in its policies and planning – very often does not seem to consider its affect on nature. The juxtaposition of newsprint transfers with an element of nature are a commentary on current events.